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I am a designer, a thinker, a tinkerer.  I have been fortunate to work in a variety of workplaces, and have seen how holistic design starts with the space, and how people move and interact with that space.  To foster creativity, you have to create a platform to jump from.  I am intuitive by nature, and love the process of dovetailing technology and analog, the results are usually a wonderful blend of contemporary design.


I thrive in collaborative environments, drawing from all forms of feedback to craft 360 degree solutions.  I have amassed a myriad of experiences from working VIP suites at the Super Bowl customizing product for A-Listers, to     
       domestic and global product launches to designing spaces for ESPN at the first College Football Playoff championship.  I am the fusion of a blue collar work ethic and a creative mind; coupled with idealistic interest in the next challenge and how best to attack it.

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